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uninhabited island guide

Near to Santa Cruz

The airport is located on this island. You won’t see much more because there isn’t much to see.

You can walk around the whole island. There’s lots of herons and sea lions which you can swim with.

Daphne Mayor

A small, occasionally visited island with two volcanic craters and lots of birdlife including blue-footed boobies.

Plaza Sur
This tiny island makes a good trip from Puerto Ayora. There are many sea lions and land iguanas. Follow a trail up to look down upon all types of seabirds on the cliffs.


A large island with four interesting sites to visit. At Puerto Egas you can go snorkelling, observe marine life in tidal pools, many shore birds and fur seals and marine iguanas in underwater caverns. At Playa Espumilla you can see marine turtles. Buccaneer Cove was a favourite of pirates. Sullivan Bay has a lava field to explore.

Near to Santiago


Climb up Pinnacle Rock for a great view. Swim with penguins. It is also a marine turtle nesting site.
Sombrero Chino
Looks like a Chinese hat and has a young-ish volcanic landscape.
Visit a salt water lagoon, mangroves and go swimming from the beach. You have a good chance of seeing pelicans and herons.


At Gardner Bay there is a beautiful beach with sea lions and good snorkelling. At Punta Suárez you can see waved albatrosses (which nest between April and December) as well as marine iguanas and other sea birds.

This island is still volcanically active. Land at Punta Espinosa and follow a trail past a marine turtle nesting site and another site for flightless comorants.

Climb up Prince Phillips Steps and you will see lots of seabirds including boobies, frigates and gulls plus mockingbirds. More seabirds can be found in the mangroves near Darwin Bay.

Santa Fé
Go swimming with sea lions and rays. Follow trails inland past cactus to see unique land iguanas and look out for the Galápagos hawk and snake.

Seymour Norte
A place to see sea lions, marine iguanas, gulls, frigates and blue-footed boobies.


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