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The current government declared their intentions to resurrect the train line between Quito and Guayaquil soon after coming to power. Bits and pieces of the track have been restored and the project is ongoing. At the moment some of the stretches of track are decidedly short and would only just make a day out. However a real effort is being made to provide a positive experience for tourists with guides, refreshments and improved facilities. On this page there are details of all the journeys you can take as of March 2012.

There is a central (and free) number which you can call for more information and to make reservations. The call center is open daily from 8:30 – 18:30. Call 1800 – TRENES (873637). You can also visit the official website http://www.trenecuador.com which is in Spanish and English.

Note: concessions are given to children under 18, over 65’s and disabled persons who all pay 50% on any fare.

1. Riobamba – Alausi – Sibambe - Alausi (La Nariz del Diablo)

In 2006 I did this journey from Riobamba riding on the roof of the train. Read a description of my journey here.  Unfortunately 1. you can no longer ride on the roof and 2. the line from Riobamba is currently closed for repairs. You can take the train from Alausí to Sibambe.

It leaves all days from Tuesday to Sunday (and public holidays) at 8am, 11am and 3pm. You can also take the autoferro (a bit like a bus on wheels) from Friday to Sunday (and public holidays) at 9am. The journey is 1 hour and it is obligatory to get a return.

Tickets can sell out in advance, especially for the morning trips, so try to get your ticket at least a day in advance.



$20 adult return (train) (includes a snack and entry to museum in Sibambe)
$6.50 adult return

Riobamba station is located on Av. Daniel León Borja and Carabobo. Alausí station is on Eloy Alfaro and Sucre) stations.

2. Quito – Latacunga

This train leaves at 8am from Thursday to Sunday and on some public holidays from Estación Eloy Alfaro in the district of Chimbacalle. The journey is four hours and the train returns in the afternoon, leaving Latacunga at 3pm and arriving in Quito at 7pm.

Prices $10 adults $5 concessions
For more information contact EFE on 02 2582 921

3. El Tambo – Coyoctor

This journey takes you from El Tambo, on the Panamericana in Cañar, to the archaeological site of Coyoctor from where you can return, continue by bus or horse to Ingapirca a short distance away.

The train leaves Tambo at 9:30am, 11am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Prices $5 adults $2.50 concessions
For more information call the council office in Tambo on 07 2233116 Monday to Friday.

4. Ibarra – Salinas

This train completes the first part of the line which used to run down to San Lorenzo on the coast. It goes as far as Salinas where there isn’t much to do but return.

The train leaves Ibarra from Wednesday to Sunday at 8:30am. It returns at 4pm from Salinas. It also operates on public holidays.

Prices $7.60 adults $3.80 concessions

For more information call the station in Ibarra on 06 295 5050 Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.The station is located on Avenida Eugenio Espejo and Calle Colon.

5. Quito – Boliche - Machachi

It is possible to travel between these destinations on different timetables and enjoy the landscape. It follows part of the route to Latacunga (see #2 above - Avenida de los Volcanes). Boliche is a protected area where you can walk, have a picnic etc. It is popular with Quiteños at weekends. Machachi is a small town surrounded by volcanoes. The station is in the Parroquia Aloasí.

Quito – Machachi / Thursday – Sunday, public holidays / 8:15 / $10 adult return

Quito – Boliche – Quito / Thursday – Sunday, public holidays / 8:15 / $15 adult return

Machachi – Boliche – Machachi / Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays / 8:15, 11:45

6. Durán - Yaguachi (Sendero de Arrozales)

Durán is located across the river from Guayaquil. After all the incredible engineering required for the line to Quito they obviously thought extending the line over the Guayas was a bridge too far. … (joke). The station is immediately on the right as you come off the bridge. The line has been restored as far as Yaguachi, a little town in the coastal agricultural belt. The journey is quite short and be done one-way or in the autoferro. However it is a better experience to take a return journey by train when the guides can explain more about the area and take you to see the rice growing process.

The train leaves Durán from Thursday to Sunday (and public holidays) at 9am and 13:15.

Prices $10 adult return ($7 one-way) $5 concessions

The autoferro leaves Durán from Friday to Sunday (and public holidays) at 10:30am

Prices $3.50 adult return


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