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san miguel de bolivar

I first passed through San Miguel on the way to Guaranda during the Carnaval holiday. It was unremarkable and gave me no cause to return soon. However, that same evening, having found all the hotels in Guaranda totally full, we were forced to return all the way back. My brother-in-law had done some work in the town and found us a place for everyone to stay tucked into a couple of rooms in a house on a hill above the town.

It was difficult to get anything to eat after 9pm. Fortunately we found a basic Chinese restaurant. As it as Carnaval, there was a band playing, people dancing and guys selling cheap, hot, homebrews. I imagine on another night you would be hard pushed to find anything to do.

San Miguel is tucked into a deep valley. In the morning we woke up to blue sky and had a view of Chimborazo towering over the hills in the distance. The surrounding countryside looks wonderful. I am sure there are great walking opportunities although I didn’t explore them.

For a funny guide to what you see do in town check out the photos at http://www.sanmigueldebolivar.com. Meeting the town drunk seems to be high on the list after visiting the main square.


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