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When you travel down the Panamericana now you see lots of signs proclaiming that it is to be extended to 6 or 8 lanes. That’s all very well but when you get to Salcedo you have no choice but to enter a maze of narrow one-way streets. I’m sure this is connected to the fact that the town’s life blood is flogging ice-creams to people passing through. The traditional Salcedo helado, as advertised on at least half the buildings in town, is a mix of flavours divided into different-coloured bands (looking a bit like a Marks and Spencer casual sweater) and sold in a shape that is conical with the top knocked off. I’ve also found this a good option, although the locals seem to go for the individual flavours (avocado is surprisingly delicious).

Until the townspeople decide to diversify slightly, there’s nothing else to see or do.

Where to Stay
There is a smart hosteria in Salcedo. It is called Rumipamba de las Rosas. There are some other hosterias nearby. No doubt there are some cheaper hotels but I haven´t looked at them.

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