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Salasaca is 14km east of Ambato. It is on the main road to Pelileo and Banos but as of November 2009 the road was being resurfaced so a diversion was operating, bypassing Salasaca. Maybe this contributed to our general impression of the village, which wasn’t favourable. The main street runs through town. At the side are some houses and shops but mainly a lot of lending co-operatives. On the concrete main plaza there are some market stalls selling a good range of indigenous clothes, toys and weavings. But it all feels a bit messy and there’s not really that much to detain you. I saw lots of locals but only a couple wearing the traditional black poncho. The majority were dressed in black but only because they were waiting for a concert to begin. To be honest I didn’t bother to try and go and see people weaving tapestries (tapices) which is what the town is famous for, because I just didn’t feel like hanging around. In my opinion if you want to buy some souvenirs there are nicer places to do it.


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