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ROUTE riobamba - ambato

The route between Riobamba and Ambato is a simple one, due north. No major towns on the way unless you count Mocha, which you skirt. A good road and usually very little traffic to delay you. However if you’re driving do watch out for the speed bumps as you pass through little villages along the way. The buses take the opportunity to put their foot down even more than normal so don’t expect them to show any caution when it comes to overtaking on a rise or a bend.

Hopefully the weather will be clear so you can enjoy the views of the countryside. First you pass close to Chimborazo, including the entrance to the reserve and the track which leads up towards the Whymper refuge.

For most of the route there are higher hills to the west so the better views are to the east. There’s no one feature to look out for – just enjoy the peaceful sight of the farming communities.

Arriving on the outskirts of Ambato you can take a bypass to the east to go to Baños or continue north. Otherwise the road continues over a big roundabout and down into the city. Frustratingly many buses, even those bound for Baños, will head down to drop off and look for more passengers.


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