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ROUTE progreso - playas - posorja

Half way along the highway between Guayaquil and Salinas is the tiny village of Progreso which has a few places to eat, a dirt football pitch and not much else. From here a road leads down to Playas.

The provincial government has recently finished work on a new dual carriageway from Progreso to Playas. The landscape is very flat and dry, covered in grey-brown soil and dotted with scrub and a few trees but very little cultivation. There is one small settlement about half way and the road divides to pass it. Driving from Playas you pass a military base and two big speed bumps. Driving from Progreso, watch out for a speed bump when you pass a few shacks on your left (the edge of the settlement) after about 10km. On many mornings the clouds start to dissipate as you get closer to Playas, which has a very generous portion of sunshine. A few petrol stations and the transit police office are located at the entrance to town. The road leads straight down to the commercial centre and the beach.

A block back from the waterfront a road follows the coastline out of Playas in both directions. North-west it heads inland and then goes to Punta Pelada and Engabao. South-east it stays close to the sea and leads to Posorja. At first the road is a few metres back from the beach. There is a narrow strip of houses (many of them holiday homes for Guayaquilenos) and a few hotels. Several rough tracks lead down to the beach. You can often find a little more space in this sector as well as the same services (parasols and deckchairs for rent, cold beer brought to you and delicious seafood and fish dishes in rustic restaurants behind the beach). Trans Posorja buses continue along this route to and from Guayaquil.

After several kilometres the development fades and the sea comes into view. There are many trees along the roadside so it is a nice drive, at least as far as Data, a bit of a grotty village that hasn’t exploited its position at all. The road then turns inland to cut off the point of the peninsula and leads directly to Posorja.


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