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ROUTE guayaquil - bucay

From the malecón in Guayaquil you can just see some hills rising up. This is where you’re heading. Take the bridge over to Durán, keep heading due east to la Virgen de Fatima. You can head north to Milagro and then east to Bucay via Nanegalito. That route has less traffic but it is marginally quicker to turn south, past the fruit stalls then east at the next roundabout where there is a road sign.

The landscape is flat and agricultural. There are banana, sugar cane plantations and the odd cow. It’s hot and green. Your bus will be swerving in and out of the lane to overtake tractors and ancient pick-ups which pass by again at the next impromptu stop beside a little wooden roadside shack.

The main town along the way is El Triunfo. Just before town there are several gas stations. Head straight through the town itself. The road is good all the way to Bucay, less so if you decide to take the turning to your left located on a long left bend. This road leads up to Zancay and Zhud in the highlands.

Presuming you haven’t turned off, you pass a few villages, trees and some rice fields before crossing the old train line and a metal bridge which welcomes you to Chimborazo province. Bucay and its sister town Cumandá are actually still in Guayas although they are still a few kilometres away! The main road bypasses the town and veers right after another bridge to start the climb uphill to Colta and the Panamericana.


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