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Posorja is a fair-sized town. It’s economy is driven by tuna-processing. Tuna Real, the biggest Ecuadorian tuna company, are based here. Another Spanish company also pack tuna steaks. The harbour is filed with fishing boats of various sizes. Despite this, the town feels poor. Only the main streets are paved.

Houses are half-constructed. Most people get around on foot or by moto-taxi. At least there is a nice little park down on the waterfront. There are two prospects to improve the prosperity of the town.

Firstly, a new port will shortly be constructed on the east side of town, which will take the ships which can’t travel up through the gulf to Guayaquil. Secondly, tourism is growing with the promotion of boat trips to see dolphins or visit the Isla Puná.

Boat trips can be arranged at the harbour. Follow the main road down through town to its end. The Trans Posorja bus office is a couple of blocks back from the harbour, a short and safe walk. At the harbour you will find a bit of activity but only a small number of tourists, a mix of people from Guayaquil and foreigners. You can choose from several trips, all of which have a set price regardless of whether you have 1 or 10 people in the boat. The best chance to get together with other people is on a Sunday morning. A trip to visit the Isla de los Farallones (two small islands filled with sea birds) and observe the dolphins swimming close by costs $25 (for the boat). All trips to the Isla Puná include this trip and a guide. They go to various locations along the west coast of the island, connected by a long beach. The cost increases the further south you go - $45 to Bellavista, $50 to Cauchiche and $60 to Subida Alta. You can see mangroves, lie on the beach, swim, eat and even walk to archaeological sites or stay the night depending on where you are.


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