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The economy of Milagro is driven by agriculture. The locals like to boast that the soil around their town is the most fertile in the world, a claim that was genuinely confirmed in some international survey or other. Much of the land is dedicated to rice-growing, the staple food of many in the lowlands. Sugar cane is also a common sight. The refinery used to be an important employer until its closure. However, almost everyone is still employed in food production or commerce.

On all the roads leading into town, people have set up stalls to sell fruit, vegetables or giant bags of rice. Many of the plants and flowers which are gradually greenifying parts of Guayaquil are grown in nurseries around Milagro.

Milagro is not a beautiful town. Its main attraction is a giant pineapple on a central roundabout. There is great potential for agro-tourism but as yet there isn’t much for visitors to do.

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