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Machachi is a classic little highland town – low rise buildings on a grid with an attractive central square. The church and the Teatro Municipal are both nice looking buildings. You can sit in the central square and happily watch life revolve around it for a few hours but it won’t change your life. If you need to kill more time visit the Guitig bottling plant. Guitig is the Moet et Chandon of Ecuadorian mineral water and the water comes directly from springs near Machachi. It’s possible to organise a tour and a swim at the plant.

You’ll probably only want to stop in Machachi for two reasons:

1. To explore the stunning surrounding scenery – it is close to the Illinizas, Pasochoa, and a road leads up into Cotapaxi National Park.

2. At the end of July there is the Fiesta Del Chagra when Andean cowboys ride into town and spend a few days drinking, shooting and lassoing.

Climbers and walkers can also stay a little further south just off the Panamericana at Aloasí (to climb El Corazón) or El Chaupi (to climb the Illinizas).


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