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Live, work and study

In this page you can read more about living in Ecuador as well as opportunities to work and study. Finally you can check what documents you need and how to get them.

Living in Ecuador

Some of you may be planning to emigrate from other countries and live in Ecuador. Others may already be in Ecuador, having fallen in love with the country, or with someone. I fell in love with a girl from Guayaquil and I’ve been living here since 2006. In this section I can give you advice and information to help you make the move and enjoy life in Ecuador.

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So, you’re trying to decide whether or not to make a seismic change in your life. Here’s some of the positives about life in Ecuador and a few negatives.

The Good

The cost of living is much cheaper than in Europe and North America. Land is available to buy. The economy is relatively stable and Ecuador uses the US dollar. Medical and other services in the big cities are excellent for those who can pay. Life for most people is harder but they remain more relaxed and tranquil about it. It is a truly beautiful and incredibly diverse country to explore. You can really feel part of a community with the people living around you, even in a big city.

The Bad

Bureaucracy can be painfully slow and without due cause; there’s usually someone waiting for a backhander. The infrastructure has to fight an annual battle with the climate and it’s only just winning. Ecuadorians don’t like to complain which means you can’t always expect the level of customer service or local governance which you might be used to. Crime is becoming a concern especially in the big cities.

The Ugly

I don´t know about ugly but there are a lot of beautiful Ecuadorians and that is why so many of us come here for a little visit and end up getting married and staying here long term.


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