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In the following list you can find a short description about some different organisations doing important work in Ecuador:

Based in Guayaquil, Fundación JUCONI (Junto con los Niños) is internationally recognized for its work with street working children and their families. JUCONI´s team of qualified psychologists provide an intensive 4 year program in order to change inter-generational patterns of violence, neglect and abuse. In addition, the Fundación works closely with schools and community groups in the poorest areas of Guayaquil providing workshops and training to improve the ability of the community to protect and promote the well being and rights of all children. Volunteering opportunities with JUCONI range from accompanying staff on family visits to participating in community based workshops or office based activities such as fundraising and translations. JUCONI can only offer a limited number of volunteering placement each year and the minimum time commitment is 6 months. For more information please refer to JUCONI´s volunteer booklet and then complete and return the volunteer application form.

www.intisisa.org : local development projects in Guamote in the Central Andes.

www.rumiwilco.comvolmenu.htm : work in a self-sustainable nature reserve in Vilcabamba in the Southern Andes. Recommended.

www.ecuadorvolunteer.org : a non-profit organization which organizes different voluntary postings around the country

www.ecuadorvolunteers.org : site of the Fundación Bolívar Education which also organize programs in different parts of Ecuador

www.ecuadorecovolunteer.org : a slightly smaller organization but which also offers various programs and subsequent discounted tours

www.volunteeringecuador.org : this not-profit is a good option if you wish to volunteer and learn Spanish in a home-stay

www.yanapuma.org : programs with indigenous and marginalized communities.

www.ecuaexplora.orgvolunteer : A US based organization which provides study and volunteer opportunities.

www.riomuchacho.com : an organic farm which organize voluntary acitivities in the community of Bahía de Cáraquez on the Northern Coast

www.cerroseco.org : A biological reserve outside Bahía which welcomes volunteers


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