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Quito is the Spanish school capital of South America. There are many places to study, the majority of which are located around the La Mariscal area.

You can also study in several other pleasant places around Ecuador. Quito is the most culturally interesting and has the most to keep you entertained for a few weeks. Consult the list below and check the school websites and general forums for personal recommendations.

There’s lots of people everywhere who want to practice English so it’s not hard to make some sort of reciprocal arrangement to use Spanish in conversations.

Academia Latinoamericana de Espanol Amazonas Language School



It’s possible to take the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course in Ecuador. This is organised by Southern Cross British Language Centre and takes place in three locations, Guayaquil, Montañita and Quito. They can also help you find teaching work in Ecuador on completion of the course. Consult their website for more details.

Indigenous Languages

Quechua (Quichua, Kichwa) is a complex language that differs from region to region. The opportunities to study it in formal classes are quite limited. The Catholic University in Quito offers a course. There are various private teachers around the country but I can´t vouch for their quality. The other option is to go and stay in a community.

This site has some information on books to assist in learning Quichua.



Other courses

People travel from other countries to study medicine and law in Ecuadorian universities. It’s also possible to do specialist courses related to agriculture, ecotourism and conservation. You can learn to dive, kayak and climb mountains – check the activities page for more information on this.

Tropical Dancing School
Learning Leatherworking From A Maste Cotacachi
Yanayacu Biological Station & Center for Creative Studies Cosanga
Sustainable Volunteer Ecuador Quito, offers Spanish classes


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