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To file a formal crime report you have to go to the comisaria. They will almost certainly not speak English so go with a Spanish speaker or at least with the details of the crime clearly written in Spanish. What happens is a secretary completes a form which you then take to be photocopied. Then the comisario signs all the copies and you get two. If you want more, ask for more copies.

In my experience filing a report in Guayaquil is a time-consuming process and I imagine in Quito it would be the same. You arrive in a stuffy room, full of people. It´s not clear who arrived last. No-one is interested in you. You wait until it´s your turn, which only you can verify. However I recently had to report losing my driving licence in Milagro and it took me ten minutes to complete the whole process. So my recommendation is try to go to a small town. You can report a crime in any comisaria in the country.

In several cities there are also offices of the Public Prosecutor of Tourism who specifically work to give tourists free legal advice and protection and to gather information when there are crimes against tourists. Click here to see the list of of offices.


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