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Puná has a long history of occupation, by indigenous groups, by pirates and now by small communities who work as fishermen, on shrimp farms or in the new tourism and gas industries.

Puná is located in the Gulf of Guayaquil, it is a large island which until recently has been surprisingly hard to get to. You can still travel on the infrequent services that ferry locals to and from the mainland. However tourists can also now take a number of different trips to explore the island.

1. Boat trips from Posorja
Travel to this town south-west of Guayaquil and organise a trip in a passenger boat from the harbour. Tours go to various locations along the west coast of the island, connected by a long beach. The cost increases the further south you go - $45 to Bellavista, $50 to Cauchiche and $60 to Subida Alta. You can see mangroves, lie on the beach, swim, eat and even walk to archaeological sites or stay the night depending on where you are.

2. Discovery Cruiser
This boat leaves from the Malecón Simón Bolívar every other Sunday and makes the 3 hour journey to Puná village on the north coast of the island. It also visits a beach.

Where to Stay
There is a basic campsite with a couple of cabins in Bellavista and Cauchiche

Where to Eat
There are simple restaurants along the beach in Bellavista and Cauchiche and also in Puná village.

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