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This is a beautiful and tranquil island with sandy beaches lined with palms. It is the largest of the Galápagos islands with five volcanoes inland. There is one small town, Puerto Villamil with a tourist office and several places to stay and eat as well as a few settlements as you travel into the highlands.


A 2½ hour walk from town brings you to the Muro de las Lágrimas, a wall built by convicts

At the Centro de Crianza you can see giant tortoises being bred and reared.

Swim with sea lions at Concha Perla Lagoon

Climb Sierra Negra Volcano (easier to organise a tour than go solo)

Observe penguins at Punta Moreno or Elizabeth Bay (reached by dinghy)

Look out for the five different types of giant tortoise on the volcanoes. Ypu can find a large group of them if you make the 10km climb up Volcán Alcedo.

At Urvina Bay the sea bed was lifted up by a volcanic eruption in 1954, revealing corral and stranded fish.

From Tagus Cove you can follow trails up to Laguna Darwin, a saltwater crater lake and see marine turtles, penguins and sea lions near the cliffs.

Where to Stay, Where to Eat

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