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inca road to ingapirca

The old Inca road (el camino del Inca) is still clear to follow for long parts of this trek from Achupallas to Ingapirca (or vice versa).

The path is 40km long and it takes 3 days to walk (altitude!). You can do it unaided with IGM maps or hire a guide and mules to help you. It´s also possible to ride the whole route.

Buses leave Alausí at about 11am to go to Achupallas. Otherwise you can hire a pick up or take a bus down the Panamericana to La Moya and get off at the junction of the 15km winding road up to the community. The former Attorney General, Washington Pesantez is from Achupallas which may explain how the funds were found to resurface this road.

The trek is fairly straightforward (there is no scrambling and few people) but the altitude (all above 3100m) and winds on the Cuchilla de Tres Cruces (the highest point at 4400m) can make it feel like hard work, especially if you are carrying a tent.

The path is not always clear so you need to carry the relevant IGM 1:50000 maps (Alausí, Juncal, Cañar) and a compass. You will also need waterproof clothing and rubber boots would help in the boggy sections. Water is available but not all the time and you need to boil it or purify it (easier as water takes a long time to boil at altitude).

There is a basic hotel in Achupallas which costs $5 pp. They can organise fishing in local rivers.

For further information read about my experience of the trek here. Several trekking books also describe this route.

I spoke to a man called Gilberto Sarmiento who can organise the trip from Achupallas. He was also the bus driver and the local shopowner! For a group of 2-4 people the cost is $70 pp. This includes transport from Alausí, mules, tents, food and a guide. You can contact him on 03-2930-657. If you don´t trust your Spanish, email me and I will help you make arrangements with him.

We can help you organise the trek to Ingapirca.
We can help you get the maps for this trek sent to any address.
Email me for more information about these services: graham@travelandliveinecuador.com


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