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Floreana has a long and interesting history of habitation and a population of about 100. It is possible to stay in the village of Puerto Velasco Ibarra in the Pensión Wittmer (meals also provided) but bring supplies.

Apart from tour boats there is not much transport to and from the island. A boat carrying passengers and supplies arrives every month.
There are buses on the island to take you inland from the port.


Punta Comorant
A sandy beach, green with olivine. Follow a trail past a lake (observe various wading birds including flamingos) to another beach with fine, white sand. You can see marine turtles and sting rays.

Post Office Bay
Place letters in the barrel and deliver any you find for your country.
Travel up into the highlands by bus and walk back down.
Go snorkelling at Devil’s Crown – a submerged volcano.

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