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Below you can find a selection of the many books that have been published about Ecuador. The majority are available from amazon.com and some can be read on google books. If you´re struggling to get hold of any you can contact me for publisher details.
*The books marked with an asterisk are available to rent for a few weeks or the time you are travelling around the country. You will need to come to our office in Guayaquil and leave a deposit to pick up the book. Contact us for further details.



*Moritz Thomsen, Living Poor                  
Anaccount of a peace corps volunteer living in Rio Verde in Esmeraldas in the 1960s. Fascinating insight into the mentality of a small community and someone who thinks he can help them.

Richard Poole, The Inca Smiled           
Account of travel in the 1960s

Henri Michaux, Ecuador                      
Travelogue published in 1927.

*Ludwig Bemelmans, The Donkey Inside
A personal take on life in Ecuador in the 1940s. Funny and interesting.

Tom Miller, The Panama Hat Trail
Interesting description of where and how the hats are made and exported, covering different parts of Ecuador.


Edward Whymper, Travels among the Great Andes of the Equator
Account of the 1880 expdition in which the author and partners made several first ascents of volcanoes.

*Robert & Daisy Kunstaetter, Trekking in Ecuador
A range of easy and difficult treks around the highlands

Yossi Brain, A Climbing Guide

*Rob Rachowiecki & Mark Thurber, Ecuador: A Climbing and Hiking Guide
A very thorough and up-to-date guide covering all major mountains and hikes in all parts of Ecuador, now published by Viva Travel Guides.

Robert Ridgely & Paul Greenfield, The Birds of Ecuador - A Field Guide
The definitive birdwatching guide


Bartolomé de las Casas, A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies
A first-hand account of the cruelty of the Spanish to the people of South America.

John Hemming, The Conquest of the Incas
A long but detailed and interesting account of this historical period.

Mark Honigsbaum, The Fever Trail, The Hunt for the Cure for Malaria

*John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Story of Perkins´ experiences convincing developing countries including Ecuador to accept international loans.

Elisabeth Elliot, Through the Gates of Splendour
Moving story of five missionaries who decided to try and convert the Huaorani and were murdered.

Joe Kane, Savages          
Study of the oil industry and Huaorani people

There are several books about Isabela Godin:
Anthony Smith, The Lost Lady of the Amazon
Celia Wakefield, Searching for Isabel Godin


Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle
The travelogue.
Charles Darwin, The Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection
Reflections on what he observed written some years after his voyage.

Margaret Wittmer, Floreana
The story of life on the island by one of the settlers.





Ramiro Gordillo G. El Oro del Diablo?                 
Documenting the development of the oil industry in Ecuador since colonial times to the present.

Jorge Icaza, Huasipungo
Antología del Folklore Ecuatoriano
Cuentos Folklóricos del Ecuador


Tierra Incognita
This is a bi-monthly magazine with a focus on environmental and ecological issues. If you subscribe you get free entry to loads of museums and sites.


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