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It would appear that the special requirements of disabled people in Ecuador has completely passed the population by for the majority of its history. Fortunately things are now changing and this will benefit travellers as well.

The main impetus for change has come from the current vice-president, Lenin Moreno who uses a wheelchair and has worked actively to highlight the need for the country to do more to help disabled citizens.

It is still unusual to find wheelchair ramps but they are becoming more common in the big cities. You can now find dropped kerbs on most junctions in the centres of Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Baños. However, pavements are still often narrow and cracked.

It is very rare to find a disabled toilet. Even in the malls it would be virtually impossible to get a wheelchair into the toilet.

Top-end, expensive hotels have elevators and large enough rooms to be fully accessible for disabled visitors.

In theory you could get a wheelchair onto the transit systems in Guayaquil (metrovia) and Quito (trole and ecovia). In practice the buses are usually so crowded that access is difficult for all people.

I realise there is not very much positive information and I hope to be able to add more in the future. If any travellers know something which we should be highlighting, please let us know.


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