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I visited Alamor when I accompanied my brother in law who had to try and fix up some generators for the mobile masts he was constructing on hillsides in the area. It was quite interesting to see the mountains and arid landscape in this area although I wasn’t really down with sticking mobile masts on pristine hilltops all over the place, and less so when I saw the builders here just dumped their waste materials over the side.

No-one wears boots or hats either. I watched them lifting a saw up to the top of the tower – it was tied to a pizza box and pulled on a rope, flapping in the wind and slamming dangerously hard against the tower. No-one worried at all. Having said that, none of them had an accident either, but unfortunately, or stupidly, I left 3 fingers under a metal tank of diesel for a moment too long, attempting to turn and secure it in the pick-up. Read more here.

I was quite lucky but they are remained intact, albeit swollen and stitched up. It was a very impressive emergency service for a tiny hospital in a village in the middle of nowhere - I was out within an hour pumped with drugs. I recall that trying to put toothpaste on a brush was a real drag and it was slightly demeaning having my food cut up for me.

As far as Alamor goes, it was safe, uncomplicated and had a few simple places to eat and a clean hotel to the side of the main square which would be fine for a stopover if you were on your way to or from Puyango.


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