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spa treatments

Ecuador´s geological history means the landscape is dotted with hot springs. A lot of sites are still only known to locals and remain very basic, but in some locations people have been inspired to open facilities offering a whole range of spa treatments.

Some of the most luxurious spa resorts are: Termas de Papallacta, Arashá, near Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Luna Runtun and Samari near Baños and Le Mirage near Cotacachi. There are also hotels in Riobamba, Vilcabamba and Baños de Cuenca offering spa treatments. Consult the Accommodation Listing for more information.

For a slightly more rustic but hopefully just as beneficial experience, you could visit one of the many sites around the country, such as those at San Vicente in the Santa Elena Peninsula and a Shuar site south of Naranjal. You can also enter cheaper pools in Baños (de Agua Santa), Baños de Cuenca, Papallacta.

Finally you can relax with a spa treatment while you are in one of the big cities. A recommended location in Guayaquil is Le Pame Estética in the Alban Borja mall (Local 73 MEZZANINE).





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