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There are several popular paragliding spots in Ecuador and a number of companies who offer tandem flights in each location which is the best way to start.

It’s possible to go paragliding here almost any day of the year and afterwards you can hit the beach. Crucita has set itself up as the coastal centre of paragliding and it’s a good place to take a beginners course. You take off from the top of the cliff overlooking the village and land on the beach. Contact Parapente Crucita for more information. Read about my experience of Paragliding in Crucita.

Canoa is also on the coast north of Crucita. As Canoa is growing in popularity as a surf and sand hang-out, paragliding is becoming more popular here.

Quito is surrounded by hills and mountains and the views from the air are incredible. There are two popular locations for hang gliding. One is from Puengasí Hill, to the east of the city, the other from under the peak of the Pichincha volcano to the west. These are good opportunities for experienced pilots. Contact Terranova Trek for more information.

It is possible to do flights down to Yahuarcocha lake.

You can do a relatively relaxing flight from a site up the hill from Pelileo called Niton.

There are several other sites in Tungurahua province. If you’re keen to try and out you should contact the Parapente Ambato Club at www.parapenteambato.com

There is a site which is actually south of Riobamba in a place called Tunchi. This is really only for experienced paragliders or those on a tour.

La Troncal
This is a site in the lowlands, quite near to Guayaquil. One day when I was driving through I saw an advert for parapente. I was amazed as I wasn’t even aware there was a hill near La Troncal.


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