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There are some great opportunities for diving on the Ecuadorian coast.

1. The Galápagos islands have an incredible array of marine life although the water is cold and the visibility isn’t great (so it’s not the best place to learn). However you get to see manta rays, penguins, sea lions, sharks and many other fish species. Some normal cruises offer the chance to scuba-dive (as opposed to just snorkelling). There are also a few dedicated dive cruises. Finally it is possible to take day trips from Puerto Ayora.



2. It’s also possible to dive along the southern coast of the mainland. The best place to see fish is around the Isla de la Plata and Isla de Salango in Machalilla national park. The best place to learn is Ayangue, where the water is warm and the visibility is good, although you’ll be exploring rocks rather than swimming with sharks. There are lots of other spots along the coast where there are sunken wrecks which are often home to lots of fish, but you have to be a bit more experienced and dedicated to get to them.

Below you can find a list of selected companies and what they offer.


Nauti Diving
SunWind Travel cruises
Aggressor Fleet Limited cruises
Exploramar Diving selection of diving packages in Puerto López, Manabí,
Galápagos Divers cruises
Galápagos Sub-Aqua PADI certification courses, land-based packages, and cruises
M/S Lammer Law cruises
M/S Sky Dancer cruises
Scuba Iguana PADI certification courses and day trips

based in Guayaquil, offer beginners courses, sell and rent equipment
Ocean Reef
Exploramar Diving selection of diving packages in Puerto López, Manabí,
Machalilla Tours selection of diving packages in Puerto López, Manabí


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