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A canopy tour involves travelling through a forest via zip lines made of steel cables. You need harnesses, pulleys, karabiners and a head for heights. The lines are strung up between the trees – you climb up onto one high platform and gravity carries you down to the other end. Some of the techniques were developed by biologists studying the canopy of the rainforest although you won’t see much wildlife on these canopy tours, unless you count on the rest of your group swinging through the trees like a group of apes. What you do get is an exciting experience in a beautiful environment.

Canopy sites in Ecuador

1. Mindo ropes and Canopy features a 10 canopy tour which lasts between 1 and 2 hours (although you can opt for just 2 zip lines if you prefer).

2. Tucanopy is run by a family to support the upkeep of their private nature reserve. It is located in Nanegalito just off the road from Quito to Mindo.

3 The Canyon del Salto Canopy Tour is located in Santa Rita ecological reserve on the slopes of Pasochoa volcano near Quito. There are 7 cables between 180 and 420 meters long. The longest run crosses the canyon.

4. Vida Ventura Grill & Sports in Vilcabamba has 5 ziplines, covering a total of 1300m.

5. Montañita Canopy has 6 zip lines. The longest is 650m.It is located 1km up a track across the road from the entrance to the village, in the Barrio del Tigrillo.




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